We Mourn the Loss of a Truly Great Actor: Martin Landau 7/17/17


Martin Landau, who died today 89, was an incredibly nuanced actor. He was intense, unique, and controlled, and gave his characters depth. He was a beloved recognizable character actor. He was in Outer Limits (giving poignant performances in “The Man Who Was Never Born,” and “The Bellero Shield”), Columbo’s “Double Shock” as murderous twins, and in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood as Bela Lugosi. Among his more quirky portrayals was Byron, the psychopathic preacher (an escaped mental patient with a menacing laugh), in Alone in the Dark (1982), and Hitchcock’s North By Northwest, and the 1960s television show Mission Impossible.

It’s always sad to see an actor of his talent, but he’s left a magnificent legacy. I’ll watch some of his shows and films today in tribute.


2 thoughts on “We Mourn the Loss of a Truly Great Actor: Martin Landau 7/17/17

  1. One favorite movie I remember so well with him is Tucker The Man and His Dream. He will be missed but remembered through the magic of movies.

  2. Today is a double-shock, what with George A. Romero also passing. I remember more of Landau from TV than the movies, but his film work was always professional and very watchable.

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