Butch from The Little Rascals, the Villain I Love to Hate

The best little tough guy that rates small villainhood… Thanks so much Once Upon a Screen for making me cry laughing and picking this little menace for The Great Villain Blogathon 2017…. Brings back memories of the sublimely brilliant show…

Once upon a screen...

5-year-old Tommy Bond was walking down the street in Dallas, Texas with his mother and grandmother when a talent scout from Hal Roach Studios approached. “Your son has a great face,” the scout said to Mrs. Bond, “he’d be perfect for “Our Gang.” Before you knew it Tommy’s grandmother agreed to drive him to Hollywood, a perilous car journey in 1931, but that didn’t stop her. Once in Hollywood the two were led into Hal Roach’s office for an interview. “Can you get mad? Do you like to fight?,” the producer asked the boy who answered “yes” to both questions. Tommy was hired on the spot for $50 a week.

5-year-old Tommy in a fighting stance

According to Tommy Bond Hal Roach’s secret for the success of the Our Gang series was simple, “he found regular kids who were individuals and who could act.” Who could argue with that?

Our Gang in 1933:…

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