Today is May 11th and that means it’s… ☞ 🌀 National Twilight Zone Day!

Shatner and Breslin Nick of Time
William Shatner and Patricia Breslin star in Rod Serling & Richard Matheson’s screenplay Nick of Time airing November 18th, 1960 for classic televisions The Twilight Zone- Image courtesy of Getty Images-CBS Archives

Today is National Twilight Zone Day!

Here’s to one of my all-time favorite episodes! Nick of Time aired November 18th, 1960-starring William Shatner, Patricia Breslin & that Jointy little Devil with the diamond eye!

Shatner and Breslin

Don and Pat are fresh scrubbed Midwestern newlyweds who wander into a stuffy little off the street sandwich shop, where the wheat toast is stale and the water tastes like swamp!

On their way to New York to find out if Don is going to be the next Office Manager/Accountant in his firm, the couples car breaks down and so does Don’s superstitious will when he can’t seem to move, after getting too many eerie answers from the Mystic Seer napkin holder…

Only a penny to learn your fate! It’s a tense and well thought out philosophical dilemma that only William Shatner could play to the hilt!

Got a penny, try your hand at fate!


You’re EverLovin’ MonsterGirl saying — Whether the answer is Yes or No.. Make up your own mind, it’ll see you free!


7 thoughts on “Today is May 11th and that means it’s… ☞ 🌀 National Twilight Zone Day!

  1. What? I did not know this! Now I do. And yep, today was strange around these parts. Now I see why! Thanks MG (again!)

    1. Haha! I didn’t know until yesterday myself! And if you believe in the cosmos going all wonky… Mercury is also in retrograde til May 20th… Always creates havoc in it’s wake! Cheers Joey

    1. He is just so delicious at being simultaneously both seriously sublime & hyper-dramatic in a way that no one else can ever be! Love the man, Capt. Kirk and his entire career… and he is perfect in this episode… What is one of your favorites?

      1. Are you kidding! I would never disown you for that! There are so many shows and films that exist, it’s virtually impossible to be up on all of it… If you like thoughtful sociological fantasy stories with a wonderfully cheeky thread that runs through it, then Rod Serling’s anthology show is something you might love to get acquainted with. Great actors too! I think it’s still on Netflix —

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