Ruth Roman, Klondike Crime Boss

Silver Screenings talks about a very heavy weight actress Ruth Roman in The Far Country!

Silver Screenings

Don't mess with Ruth Roman. Image: kickassltd.comDon’t mess with Ruth Roman – or her wardrobe.

“Nobody ever did anything for nothing.”

This is the cynical view of The Far Country, a 1954 Western starring James Stewart and Ruth Roman.

It’s a Western with a twist. Instead of men driving cattle across a dusty landscape, men drive cattle across the chilly tundra. It’s also a cautionary tale about monopolies that thrive by squeezing out the little guy.

In The Far Country, Stewart is a cowboy who, along with his partner (Walter Brennan), ships a herd of cattle to Skagway during the Klondike Gold Rush. They intend to drive the cattle across the Canadian border to Dawson, where they’ll sell the beef at a tidy profit.

But when Stewart and Brennan arrive in Skagway, they clash with a mercenary sheriff (John Mcintyre), a defiant man who controls local market pricing and the supply route to Dawson. Nobody in this town…

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