Peter Falk as #Columbo

Just one more thing!… Columbo IS the quintessential detective, the David against the Goliath that is social class, that ‘droll’ ever pecking duck in his rumpled raincoat waiting to pounce-that “sly elf sitting under his toadstool”-Gene Barry – “always going for the jugular’ -Lee Grant always methodically pushing for the truth even when he respects the murderer but not the crime… Aurora at Once Upon a Screen gives an eloquent tribute to that brilliant with no first name… Columbo & the wonderful Peter Falk who brought him to life

Once upon a screen...

If I was to consider making a list of great moments in the annals of Television I would argue for one specific moment, a moment repeated numerous times over the course of a decade (give or take), a moment that cannot be equaled.  That moment follows a strict formula – a murder has been committed in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  We are made privy to the motive of the murder, have seen the act being committed and have followed the steps of the attempted cover up.  By the time the moment arrives the mystery in the “mystery crime drama” has been taken out of the equation and made incidental, the formula for the murder mystery show turned on its head. And now that the mystery is gone we have only one thing to focus on, which comes as each “Columbo” episode turns toward Columbo the man. His entrance is the…

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