Cornelius, Zira & Questionnable Science

For the Movie Scientist Blogathon… hosted by Silver Screenings and Christina Wehner how could I resist reblogging this wonderful piece about two of THE most compelling characters in film history!

Silver Screenings

Charlton Heston... Image:Cornelius (left) disapproves of humans in the house. Image: Reel Antagonist

The original Planet of the Apes (1968) is a cheesy, but creepy, head trip.

Now, before we go any further, we (as in, yours truly) adore the original Planet of the Apes franchise and, even though it is a sci-fi cheese fest, it can do no wrong in our eyes.

Who cares about the dated soundtrack and cast-off Flintstones decor? Planet of the Apes still has important things to say about society, philosophy and science.

The Plot: A rocket carrying four astronauts crash-lands on a planet ruled by talking apes. By apes, we mean chimpanzees (the intellectuals), orang-utans (the bureaucrats), and gorillas (the muscle). It’s interesting to note that the lighter the ape’s skin/fur, the higher the position in society it occupies.

Now, there are humans on this planet, but they do not talk or form complex thoughts. They live in the wild and are regarded as dangerous animals…

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