¡De Película! Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon

Let’s recap Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage celebration hosted by that film and television maven Aurora from Once Upon a Screen… Read the marvelous posts for this terrific Blogathon! Well done Aurora. Got some reading to do this afternoon –Salud! Joey

Once upon a screen...

 Celebrando la Herencia Hispana en Hollywood en este Día de la Raza o

Día de la Hispanidad.


The celebration of Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage is upon us and I’m honored to be hosting a terrific array of posts.  I’ll waste no time getting to the submissions, which exceeded my expectations.  But first to all the bloggers who’ve taken the time to contribute – it means the world…


If you’re interested in learning how this blogathon came about take a look at the announcement post here and for a special treat scroll down to the end of this post.  Otherwise let’s get right to it…

The stories and players…

From CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch we see her machinations of deceit up close and personal.  It’s Dolores Del Rios’ noir decent in LA OTRA (1946)

Serendipitous Anachronisms offers a fascinating look into the history, back story and Broadway production that lead to Luis Valdez’ ZOOT…

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