Announcement: WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon 2015

its here again!

5 thoughts on “Announcement: WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon 2015

    1. Somewhere in the back of my mind last week, I felt it creeping up and then Aurora posted it this morning!!!! It’s one of my favorites, because there are so many unsung actors that deserve the spot lite !!!

  1. Oh boy! I want to write aboutL Carrigan from Wistineg in the Dark and the Boston Blake films and THE BIG CLOCk, please!

    1. Hi Doll!!! So glad to hear from you!. What a Character Blogathon is one of THE best… But I gotta tell you, that I only re-blogged it from our fav gal Aurora from Once Upon a Screen. She is the brilliant host behind the event! So your great choice will be well received,but you’ll have to send it to our mutual pal!!!! I’m doing Agnes Moorhead… Can’t wait. I look forward to this event past 3 years running that I know of… Good luck getting your choice… Look forward to reading it. And lots of love to you and yours !!! Cheers always your Pal Joey

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