Ida Lupino’s Murderous Sucker Punch

Silver Screenings talks Ida Lupino- in a noir film that’s got high octane

Silver Screenings

Ida Lupino ... Image: aklsdjf Ida Lupino: What to do with all that lovely insurance money? Image: View and Review

In 1940, Warner Bros. released They Drive By Night, a commentary on the American trucking industry. It starred George Raft, who was one of the studio’s biggest stars, and a young British actress who would steal the entire film. Her name was Ida Lupino.

Lupino plays the perfectly-coiffed but disaffected wife of a trucking company entrepreneur (Alan Hale, Sr). Not only is Lupino’s character dissatisfied with Hale – and his money – she is obsessed with Raft.

Now, George Raft has an acting style that doesn’t appeal to everyone, so it may be difficult, at first, to see why Lupino’s character is attracted to him. However, she does provide a clue in an early scene.

“What do I see in you, anyway?” she purrs, as she stands too close to Raft. “You’re crude, you’re uneducated…

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4 thoughts on “Ida Lupino’s Murderous Sucker Punch

    1. I’m an avid follower of your blog. I just can’t help showing off the incredible work you do at Silver Screenings! Hope you had a good time away-limited web access sounds like a good thing… lol welcome back and keep those amazing pieces flowing! Cheers-Joey


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