Better Living Through 3D Viewing

This is fabulous-Silver Screenings is seeing 3D

Silver Screenings

The (3D) Adventures of Sam Space: Image: MoMAIntergalactic traveller Sam Space answers a distress call from the planet Meecan. Image: MoMA

If there’s one thing we love, it’s discovering rare footage that deserves a cult following.

One such film is The Adventures of Sam Space (1960), a “puppet cartoon” about two boys and a scientist who travel on a shiny rocket to a distant planet. Not only does this animated short have a nifty robot named “Robo”, it’s presented in THREE DIMENSION!

(Digression: While Sam Space & Co. are travelling to the distant planet, they see an interstellar ad for Joe’s Diner, located “only 36,000 light years ahead.”)

Sam Space is one short from the 3D Rarities blu-ray from Flicker Alley. These shorts are beautifully restored and look fabulous on a 3D television.

Some of the 3D effects are so good, we found ourselves flinching. For instance, 3D footage filmed between 1924-27 made us duck when a baseball pitcher throws a fastball, and say “Eww!” when a fisherman…

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