Peter Cushing, a birthday tribute

Okay, this is one hell of a tribute to the great Peter Cushing by Aurora from Once Upon a Screen! It brings back nostalgic feelings as I happened to have owned those copies of Famous Monsters of Filmland… And yeah he does sort of look like Helen Hayes in that photo -too funny!

Once upon a screen...

This humble tribute to the great Peter Cushing was published on Citizen Screenings in celebration of his centennial two years ago.  Since I am making a slow transition away from that blog I am reposting it here on what would have been Cushing’s 102nd.

His was a wonderful presence on-screen.   A much-beloved and revered presence.  He’s a who’s who of powerful classic horror figures, unforgettable to anyone who grew up watching the Hammer film classics where he fought the forces of ultimate evil.  I came across him by force, one might say, as my older brother, a horror film nut, left me no other choice on the one television set we owned in what seems like eons ago.  I lost sleep resulting from those movies, but my admiration for his power has never waned.  I mean, he could kill Dracula – a very hostile and bloody Dracula –…

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