Miriam Hopkins Blogathon Starts Tomorrow!

It all starts tomorrow!!!! Here’s to Miriam Hopkins and a fabulous Blogathon ahead! Cheers Joey

3 thoughts on “Miriam Hopkins Blogathon Starts Tomorrow!

  1. Joey, I must confess that I don’t know as much about Miriam Hopkins as I should, but you’re always awesome, and I look forward to reading your posts! Warmest wishes to you and yours, my friend! :-D

    1. Dori my girl you’ve been in my thoughts! They’ve really put together a wonderful blogathon in tribute to the great Miriam Hopkins so It’ll give you an opportunity to see her range. Hope you and yours are well too! Always your Pal Joey

  2. Aw, thanks, Peaches! It’s been a busy time lately, and all of us here at Team Bartilucci have been hoping you and yours are happy and well, dear friend! Your post of THE CHILDREN’S HOUR was truly riveting and moving! Your other posts from Miriam’s posts, too! this so far have been superb! So glad to catch up with you, dear friend! :-D

    P.S.: We know you’re a busy gal, but if you have any spare time, we hope you’ll join our upcoming fun at our Madeleine Carroll Blogathon to catch up with fun and frolic! :-D In the mean time, have a wonderful weekend!

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