More Life Lessons from Barney Fife! “Suppose He’s a bath tub murderer!”

Aunt Bee’s Invisible Beau-

From Season 5, episode 27 Aired March 16th 1965

You don't know much...

Not a bath tub murderer… just your ever lovin’ monstergirl Joey!

2 thoughts on “More Life Lessons from Barney Fife! “Suppose He’s a bath tub murderer!”

  1. Because everyone knows Bathtub Murderers are the worst type of murderer!

    Don Knotts had an amazing ability to memorize and rapid-fire a large amount of lines, didn’t he? I never really thought about that before I saw this clip.

    These are wonderful!

    1. You’re right, they are the most fiendish I think!

      Don Knotts is such a brilliant actor in the way, he uses his physical body comedy. He makes being awkward and shaky seem easy, but in truth it’s like dancing. He moved with ease. And he does have this way of firing off really wonderful diatribes that make it so easy for me to snip em out of the air and put em down for tribute. I adore him so much. The character and the actor. I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. I have to figure out a few other good pieces to offer. If you look at the archives clicking on Barney’s button you’ll be able to see more of the gems he’s spouted during his delightful and earnest reign as Deputy Fife!

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