So Long, Jim- It Was A Nice Long Ride, Wasn’t It?

James Garner is one of those actors who I fell in love with and just couldn’t imagine the day we would lose him. When I got the news yesterday I was struck with such sadness. But I’ll always have those strong shoulders and square jaw, honest eyes and true yet graceful grit that was the man. I always perk up when I hear the Rockford Files theme song. It just makes me smile. We’ll miss you so much. You were a maverick and a hell of an actor. Thanks Destroy All Fanboys! for this tribute.

3 thoughts on “So Long, Jim- It Was A Nice Long Ride, Wasn’t It?

  1. Joey, you and Destroy All Fanboys have done a wonderful tribute to James Garner and THE ROCKFORD FILES! It’s sad that Jim is no longer with us — his films and TV shows were part of my teens, and became one of our favorites actors. At least he left us with plenty of great work for all of us to enjoy, bless him. Thanks for your great post, my friend, and hugs to you and yours, dear Peaches!

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