A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman Away! The Undead (1957)


“See the tortured undulations of the unwanted virgins”

The Undead

One of Roger Corman’s most campy & creepy tale of witchcraft and past life regression. In a claustrophobic world of doom and dread, where a battle of witch’s wills and sadistic pleasures abound. Pamela Duncan (Attack of the Crab Monsters 1957) is Diana Love/ Helene who visits a psychiatrist and when hypnotized is transported back into the brutal and bedeviled Middle Ages.

The Undead Pamela Duncan

The Undead witches

the undead virgins

The Undead -devil

Suspected of being a witch she is sentenced to death by beheading with a large executioners axe. Richard Garland  (Attack of the Crab Monsters, Panic in the Year O) plays Pendragon. Also starring is Allison Hayes  who’s come back down to size from 50 feet. Here she plays Livia, the witch in conflict with Dorothy Neumann (Otis Campbell’s wife on Andy Griffith, The Terror, Sorry, Wrong Number, The Snake Pit ) as the witch Meg Maude. Mel Welles as Smolkin the grave digger, Billy Barty as a devil imp! Bruno VeSota as Scroop the innkeeper… and Richard Devon as the Devil.

I had a collection of Super 8 reels when I was just a little MonsterGirl. The Undead was one that I would play in my basement theater along with a host of other classic horror and Abbott & Costello features. I used to find this particular film of Corman’s a truly creepy experience and still do. It’s timeless, macabre and hilariously campy. In fact I think this poster is still one of my favorite vintage classic horror posters.

See it with someone you love… and please… don’t lose your head during the scary parts!-Your ever lovin’ MonsterGirl

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