Farewell to Eleanor Parker: The lovely actress dies at 91

Eleanor Parker’s sensuality & sophistication goes beyond being Julie Andrews rival in The Sound of Music. Parker had a variety of faces and emotions over a long film and dramatic television career.

From Melodrama to Film Noir Eleanor Parker brought her own polished style to each role, with a beauty and inner luminescence that lit up the screen!

To see her filmography visit her profile at ELEANOR PARKER IMDb

Eleanor Parker as The Baroness – The Sound of Music

Annex - Parker, Eleanor (Never Say Goodbye)_01

Annex - Parker, Eleanor (Naked Jungle, The)_01
Eleanor Parker in The Naked Jungle photo courtesy of Dr Macro
Eleanor Parker and Frank Sinatra
Eleanor Parker and Frank Sinatra in Otto Preminger’s The Man With The Golden Arm
Parker and Moorehead Caged
Eleanor Parker and Agnes Moorehead in Caged

Farewell beautiful lady-Forever your fan MonsterGirl




10 thoughts on “Farewell to Eleanor Parker: The lovely actress dies at 91

  1. Oh gosh, I didn’t hear about this. Eleanor Parker was one of the classiest ladies to ever grace the silver screen, and one hell of a great actress. She was underrated in her time and even more so today. I’m glad TCM played tribute to her earlier this year as one of their Stars of the Month. Rest in Peace Ms. Parker…we’ll miss you!

    1. It’s always so sad when one more star of the golden age leaves us. Eleanor Parker was one classy lady. And totally underrated as you say. We will miss her-

  2. Joey, we second that emotion about the late, great Eleanor Parker! There was so much more to her than the Baroness in THE SOUND OF MUSIC (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and she was so versatile, from DETECTIVE STORY, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, INTERRUPTED MELODY, CAGED, and so much more in films and TV. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that, as often happens with me, I learned about her backwards: I first heard of her from the 1979 comedy-mystery SUNBURN with our Ms. Parker! Funny how one gets turned on to an actor where you least expect it. Anyway, BRAVA to you on your heartfelt post, my friend, and Merry Christmas and any other happy holiday you wish to celebrate!

    1. Dor- I was really sad to hear of her passing. I’ve adored the lady for a long time now. Today we’re playing all movies Eleanor Parker in tribute. Although I have to save CAGED for tonight as Wendy’s grading and really wants to see that one. I’m putting on DETECTIVE STORY soon. You’re right being The Baroness aint bad either. It is funny how you stumble onto new actors in the most backwards ways. Merry Christmas to you and yours and great big wintery hugs from us here

  3. One of my favorite actresses and I’m sad to hear of her passing. I feel like she’s rather forgotten now but has an excellent group of films on her resume including Woman in White, Voice of the Turtle, The Very Thought of You and Valley of the Kings.

    1. I know I’m very sad to see her passing. She had a rare beauty. I’ll be watching Woman in White today in tribute. Thanks for stopping by and sharing about this solemn occasion – Joey

  4. She’ll definitely be missed, but her films will live on forever. Say, have you seen her in 1957’s “Lizzie”? She plays a woman with three personalities in this “message” flick that’s kind of a precursor to “Sybil” and other “disturbed female” movies. TCM showed it not too long ago, so it’ll probably pop back on soon enough…

    1. Wow- now I’ll have to track down Lizzie. It sounds like the perfect combination for me and a great vehicle for Parker. Thanks for letting me know about it and stopping by. I love to see you lurking around The Last Drive In… it makes me happy, even on this sad day

    1. We watched CAGED the other night. What a fabulous film. I’ll have to do a more complete overview of it soon. But wow did Eleanor give one hell of a performance. It is sort of crazy that Holiday won the Oscar that year. Thanks for stopping by!

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