The Chaney Blogathon Day Four: The finale!


Well, it’s the forth and final day of our celebration of the great CHANEYS! And it’s been quite a turn out.

I’ll be taking it from here as host but my brilliant & witty co-host will be lurking around helping to showcase all the fantastic contributions. We’re so pleased with how the event has gone and grateful to all of you who either contributed, helped tout or chimed in to show love to two memorable men and support us… unflinching Blogathon mistresses’ who pulled this all together!

I want to especially thank Fritzi of Movies Silently for quietly asking me months ago if I’d like to help co-host this event. I was flattered and honored and as excited as Quasimodo hanging from a gargoyle on the side of that Cathedral! Although my hump is much smaller.

So without any further asides from yours truly- Please stay seated as here’s the finale to our Chaney program! As Alonzo the Armless shows us… this is where it all ends… Right Here…


Monday November 18

Cable Car Guy Lon Chaney Jr. Scrapbook 2

Classic Movie Hub Review of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Destroy All Fanboys Review of Indestructible Man

Esther J. Cepeda Review of Mockery

The Hitless Wonder Lon Chaney Jr. Tribute

Immortal Ephemera Dead Man’s Eyes  An Inner Sanctum Mystery

The Last Drive In Man Made Monster-Slide Show

Midnight Palace Interview with Ron Chaney

The Movie Rat By The Sun’s Rays

Movies Silently Wicked Darling Angry EEEK Chaney gif , Wicked Darling Peekaboo Chaney gif,

The Ace of Heats-Chaney tearing our hearts out gif

The Nitrate Diva The Wicked Darling

Once Upon a Screen Review of The Wolf Man

Retro Remote review Riddle Gawne

Silent Volume Review of The Unholy Three (1925)

TV’s Fault The Monster (1925)

Wide Screen World  Of Mice and Men

See you at the Opera!!!!- MonsterGirl

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    1. There’s so many incredible submissions to this blogathon that it will definitely take a while before everyone can get through it all!!! Such great stuff… not to mention YOUR AMAZING piece!

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