A Thousand Faces: Musical Tribute to Lon Chaney Sr & Lon Chaney Jr


Chaney in the unknown


The Phantom of the Opera & ‘Bulldozer’ song by Jo Gabriel from the album Fools & Orphans

Montage of The Unknown, The Penalty, West of Zanzibar & HE Who Gets Slapped with Jo Gabriel’s  song Passing/Arriving off The Amber Sessions. lo-fi neo-classical album….

Birthday Tribute Lon Chaney

A Thousand Faces Tribute- Montage of Chaney Sr with Jo Gabriel’s song ‘A Thousand Faces’

Annex - Chaney Jr., Lon_01

Annex - Chaney Jr., Lon (Wolf Man, The)_06

Son of A Thousand Faces- Montage of Chaney Jr with Jo Gabriel’s song Flicker off my album The Amber Sessions

XOXO to the Chaneys- Joey

11 thoughts on “A Thousand Faces: Musical Tribute to Lon Chaney Sr & Lon Chaney Jr

    1. Oh Ruth Thank you so much. I love the song Bulldozer. In fact I really consider Fools and Orphans my best album. A few of the songs have wound up in iMovie showcasing a few of my favorite films…

  1. I’m just going to come out with it right now: Not fair! Thanks for sharing your talent and channeling it into these amazing tributes! As Lon Chaney would say, four thumbs up!

    1. Fritzi my only regrets is that I couldn’t afford the live Pipe Organ… I did have offer of a little guy with a concertina and a monkey that sings We’re Having a Heat Wave, but I didn’t think it fit the program…. I’m really glad you liked my musical tributes to those Chaney men. I hope I did them proud!

  2. Thanks for your dedication to the blogathon! I had a lot of fun!
    My two favorite videos were the second and the third. I loved the musics as well.

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