The Chaney Blogathon: Day Two


So it’s now day two of the great Chaney Blogathon!!! We’re celebrating the careers of two icons, father and son- Lon Chaney, Sr. and Lon Chaney, Jr.

Movies Silently took the first day to graciously host this gala event and now it’s my turn to show the Chaneys’ some love and share some incredible blogger’s contributions. I’ll also be taking the reigns on Monday the fourth and last day of the event while our lovely Fritzi at Movies Silently plays the pipe organ tomorrow, Sunday which will be the third day. Oh wait… we couldn’t afford the Pipe Organ, but you can imagine one… we’re all so imaginative here… You can read the complete list of bloggers here.)

Taking my lead from my wonderful co-host here’s a tip:-If you are a participant, please send over a link to your post. Otherwise, we will simply link to your blog’s homepage.

Let’s start swinging from the bell tower as it’s Day Two and I’m raring to go!

Saturday November 16

The Artistic Packrat Review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Cable Car GuyLon Chaney Sr. Scrapbook 2

Destroy All FanboysThe Defiant Ones

Durnmoose Movie Musings Review of Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

Crítica Retrô Review of The Penalty

The House of LizarragaChaney Caricatures

Monster Magazine World Lon Chaney vs Jack Pierce A Monster Makeup Smackdown

The Motion Pictures review The Black Sleep

Movies Silently article on London After Midnight

Once Upon a Screen Father/Son Pictorial ‘A Wall of Faces!’

Silent Volume Review of Oliver Twist

Silver Scenes Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Silver Screenings Review of Of Mice and Men

Tales of the Easily Distracted Review of My Favorite Brunette

Tales of the Easily Distracted  Review of Spider baby

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