We’re swinging from the chandeliers in November!


Fritzi of Movies Silently & I just wanted to remind everyone about our upcoming event and maybe scare up some more contributors to our sensational Chaney Blogathon coming up November 15-18th! celebrating the 88th anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

So grab one of these spectacular banners (below) and stick it on your site and get ready for a really really thrilling Blogathon!

If you haven’t decided whether to join in yet and/or have questions contact either Movies Silently or me by either leaving comments at our blog or emailing me at:

Joey -The Last Drive In -ephemera.jo@gmail.com

And say, there’s still so many interesting features available, so come on and join in- there’s thousands of titles and faces to cover- these guys were so prolific!



man made monster

The Atomic Monster

There’s still Mr Wu (1927), The Road To Mandalay (1926), The Black Bird (1926), The Shock (1923), The Monster (1925) Shadows (1922) or Flesh and Blood (1922), so much more just run over to IMDb profile and view Chaney Sr’s impressive filmography.

And… if you’re flavor is Chaney Jr there’s still fantastic selections left up for grabs like The Defiant Ones, Man Made Monster, The Alligator People, Witchcraft, The Devil’s Messenger, 13 Demon Street, and a myriad of memorable television series appearances why just look here- IMDb profile



You can grab more banners here- Movies Silently

Lon Chaney by Clarence Sinclair Bull

Lon Chaney Jr

Here are some of the faces that are contributing to our gala event-


Asta’s Doghouse– Lon Chaney Jr. Double Feature- Man Made Monster & The Indestructible Man- Nov. 15th

Cable Car Guy– Lon Chaney Scrapbook 1 Nov.15th, Chaney Scrapbook 2, Nov.16th, Lon Chaney Jr Scrapbook 1 Nov. 17th, & Lon Chaney Jr Scrapbook 2 Nov.18th

CinemalacrumLaugh, Clown Laugh Nov.17th

Cinematic CatharsisWest of Zanzibar 1928 Nov.17th

Classic Movie HubAbbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein Nov.18th

Critica Retro The Penalty Nov.16th

Destroy All Fanboys The Defiant Ones Nov. 16th, The Indestructible Man Nov. 18th

Donald Mania The Hunchback of Notre Dame & Laugh, Clown Laugh Nov.16th

Durnmoose Movie MusingFrankenstein Meets the Wolfman Nov.16th

Esther J CepedaMockery Nov.18th

Forgotten Films The Mummy’s Curse Nov.15th

Furious CinemaThe Alligator People

Girls Do Film The Unknown Nov. 17th

Goregirl’s DungeonHouse of Frankenstein Nov.17th

Grand Old Movies– BIG HOUSE USA Nov.15th

Immortal Ephemera Dead Man’s Eyes Nov.18th

The Last Drive In The Unknown Nov.15th,, Musical Tribute Nov.17th & Man Made Monster-(Slide Show) Nov.18th

Midnight Palace Interview with Ron Chaney Nov.18th

Movie Magazine WorldLon Chaney vs Jack Pierce: A Monster Makeup Smackdown Nov.16

Movies Silently Phantom of the Opera Nov 15th, Mark of the Vampire Nov 16th, Nomads of the North Nov 17 & Review of Lon Chaney Biography Nov.18th

Nitrate GlowThe Ace of HeartsNov.15th

Once upon a screen… Pictorial of father and son Nov. 15th, The Wolf Man 1941 Nov. 18th

Paddyfitz He Who Gets Slapped Nov.16th, Top Ten Lon Chaney Jr Films Nov.17th

Portraits By Jenni- Tell it to the Marines Nov.15th

Pre-Code- The Unholy Three (1930) Nov. 15th

Silent VolumeOliver Twist Nov.16th, The Unholy Three (1925) Nov.18th

Silver Scenes The Wolf Man Nov.15th & Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein Nov.16th

Silver Screenings Of Mice and Men Nov. 16th

Speakeasy Strange Confession & The Frozen Ghost Inner Sanctum Mysteries Nov.17th

Tales of The Easily DistractedDorianMy Favorite Brunette Nov. 16th, Vinnie-Spider Baby Nov.16th

The Artistic Packrat The Hunchback of Notre DameNov. 15th

The Great Katherine Hepburn– The Hunchback of Notre Dame Nov.15th

The Hitless Wonder Tribute to Lon Chaney Sr. Nov.18th

The Last Drive In The Unknown Nov 15th, Musical Tribute/Film Montage

The Motion PicturesThe Black Sleep 1956 Nov.17th

The Nitrate Dive He Who Gets Slapped & The Phantom of the Opera Nov.18th

Thrilling Days of YesteryearHigh Noon Nov.15th, Ace of Hearts Nov. 17th

TV’s Fault– The Monster Nov.18th

Wide Screen World Of Mice and Men Nov. 18th

Still swinging from the rafters- your little phantom Joey!

13 thoughts on “We’re swinging from the chandeliers in November!

  1. Joey, Fritzi, I’m jumping and rolling like a pup, and Vinnie and I are looking forward to your awesome Chaney Blogathon with both SPIDER BABY and my new and improved version of MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE! We’ve got our ads on, too! Awesome Blogathon, gals! Thanks for including us! :-D

    1. Dori you peach of a gal! We couldn’t do this blogathon without including you and hubby’s fabulous style. It’s going to be a grand bash for the whole gang…. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Happy as a clam you’re joining us- Your Pal Joey

    1. I know I’ve said this before, but one of the GREAT things about doing these blogathons is uncovering films or artists you might not have considered before. I’m so excited for this event. And I’m really happy that you’re joining us!!! BTW I listened to your podcast about The Smallest Show on Earth. I love that little gem, and your wonderful descriptions and journey took me right back to the warmth I felt when I first stumbled onto it. Fabulous podcast- Brava

      1. Oh, thanks for your kind words, Joey! That is a terrific film, isn’t it? Very modest flick but, before you know it, you realized you’ve been sucked in by those wonderful characters.

  2. Pssst! Hey, Joey! I realize this is unrelated to the CHANEY Blogathon, but it occurred to me that my new TALES OF THE EASILY DISTRACTED blog post about IMPACT (ripped right out of THE DARK PAGES!) had also been reviewed on your own wonderful THE LAST DRIVE-IN! It’s fave, Jo — kismet! :-) Anyway, if you’d like the fun of contrasting IMPACTs, here’s the link; hope you’ll enjoy it, my friend!


    1. Pssst!!! Dor- Yes I did cover Impact a while back. It’s a fabulous bit of film noir and I’ll have to run over to ToTED and get my fill of the wonderful facts, cheeky humor and great commentary and captions. I’m not surprised we share the same love for Brain Donlevy and his films. We’re birds of a feather my dear friend… I’ll let you know what I think of your take on the film- your Pal Joey

      1. Joey, you’re a darling in addition to your being a sugar bowl with 2 handles, with turbanado sugar! Beaucoup thanks, dear friend, and I hope your weekend will have all the nifty things you deserve! Also, we can hardly wait for the Chaney Blogathon in starting November 15th! The fun never ends! :-D

      2. So true so true about the fun never ending. When you have an incredible community of bloggers who love to get together seemingly regularly at this point to join in the thematic Blogathons it just can’t be bad. – If I’m still the sugar bowl, you’re still the peaches & cream!!!- We can’t wait to see what you and hubby Vinnie have in store for us for the Chaneython-

  3. Aw, Joey, you’re always peaches and cream in Team Bartilucci’s book! Thanks, Kiddo!

    BTW, though IMPACT is still on for those who want to check it out, in addition to your fab Cheney Blogathon, Team B. will soon have a “Morley, The Merrier” comedy-thriller double-feature: HOT MILLIONS with Peter Ustinov and Maggie Smith, and WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE?, with George Segal and Jacqueline Bisset and lots of gourmet food! Details coming soon!

    1. Oh my… I faintly remember WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE- wonderful topic as always. You cover such memorable films and stars. And I love everybody you’ve mentioned here. I’ll get back to you about IMPACT because I’d love to share thoughts on that overlooked noir gem… I’m glad I’m aces with Team Bartilucci cause you’re both the cats with me…. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Your pal Joey

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