William Castle’s Villains & Victims! Scream-O Vision…



the ruthless head of the pick pocket ring
13 Ghosts
Could this be Martin Milner as Benjamen Rush a fake ghost?
13-ghosts Margret Hamilton
13-ghosts Margret Hamilton she just looks mean all the time…
a naughty up to mischief kind of ghost in The Spirit is Willing
a few ghosts
Kitchen ghosts and chef ghost in 13 Ghosts
The Parmiter Bug ’75 they are excellent spellers
Mrs. Slydes House on Haunted Hill
houseonhauntedhill carol
Skeleton or Annabelle you decide!
Emmett Kelly The Fat Man
Bad clown, bad bad clown Emmett Kelly in The Fat Man 1950
Hayden Rorke The Night Walker
Hayden Rorke just looks ominous in The Night Walker
Jean Arless has a serious identity crisis in Homicidal 1961
I-Saw-What-You-Did-John Ireland
Murderous Steve Marak (John Ireland) in I Saw What You Did ’65
House of Evil- episode of Circle of Fear television series. Melvyn Douglas as the bad grandpa and the evil muffin people
Joan Crawford Strait-Jacket
Joan Crawford wielding an axe in Strait- Jacket
Mr_ Sardonicus
Guy Rolfe as Mr. Sardonicus 1961
oscar homolka Sardonicus
oscar homolka Sardonicus’ leech loving sadist
Ruth Gordon Minnie
Ruth Gordon as good neighbor Minnie Castavet
The Tingler copy
Vincent Price’s neck tie- The Tingler

Carol Olhmar as Annabelle

The Tingler



Audrey Dalton Mr Sardonicus
Audrey Dalton as Mr Sardonicus’ wife/victim
The eternally screaming Nora… oh shut it already will ya…so she glides
Dan Duryea as small time hood sent up for life Johnny ‘Stool Pigeon’ Evans
Edward Stillwell (Paul E. Burns)Mysterious Intruder '46
Edward Stillwell (Paul E. Burns)Mysterious Intruder ’46


But you are Helga You are in that chair
Helga- you just couldn’t stop tapping that damn door knob- in Homicidal
Janette Scott and Tom Poston at the mercy of the Femm Family in The Old Dark House
Jill Townsend, Barry Gordon and Sid Caesar in The Spirit is Willing ’67 menaced by merciless ghosts
Joan Crawford I Saw What You Did
Joan Crawford is too demanding of John Ireland in I Saw What You Did
Kim Hunter When Strangers Marry
Kim Hunter When Strangers Marry 1944
Macabre '58
Ellen Corby as Poor Miss Kushins – her little lamb is missing


Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor in The Night Walker
Price The Tingler
Vincent Price experiments with fear and finds it himself in The Tingler
Undertow '49 Scott Brady
Scott Brady is framed ex-con Tony Reagen in Undertow ’49
Mia Farrow is Rosemary looking at a face only a mother could love
the guy in the chicken coup is gonna get it… wonder if he’s a leg or breast man?


The projectionist is feeling all Tingly….


Nora, will you just shut up already….you’re hysterical


10 thoughts on “William Castle’s Villains & Victims! Scream-O Vision…

    1. And holy hand grenade batman, your Women of Castle feature blows my mind. There’s so much there to digest-I think you and I need to not only start up our own Carnival but get a Wax Museum going as well. Think of the possibilities- No really… fantastic feature at the Dungeon today, I’ll be looking at it over and over and over and over…

    1. His face still gives me the heebies. Ray Russell is a writer who knows how to terrify… but even worse is slimy Oscar Homolka who is just too cozy with those leeches Yuk

  1. A nice “catalogue” of Victims & Villains in Castle’s movies.

    Of all the photos here, I must say the one that really gets me is the one of Vincent Price on the couch with that “necktie”. Crazy! Just the thought of that thing makes me break out in a sweat! :)

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