It’s almost here: The William Castle Blogathon so go ahead and be a stool pigeon and tell everyone!


A week from today kicks off the celebration with The William Castle Blogathon hosted by little ole me and Goregirl’s Dungeon!

Hope to see you there for all the thrills and chills and creepy haunted houses up on a hill…There’s willing spirits, crank calling teenage girls, axe murderesses with crazed eyebrows, whistlers and crime doctors, old dark houses, frightened girls, a slew of restless ghosts, homicidal gender benders, spine tingling lobster-esque fiends, mysterious intruders, macabre and sardonic night walkers, stool pigeons and gunslingers, small guys with big hearts, devilish babies, fire breathing beetles, slaves of babylon… and so much more!

In Johnny Stool Pigeon- Dan Duryea plays a sneering tough guy with a gun and Howard Duff looking all dismayed… and Shelley Winters looking all pouty and cheap. Something you can always count on with these three to do- and what a hoot to watch thanks to William Castle!

Dan Duryea courtesy of
Howard Duff
Howard Duff
Studio publicity Shelley Winters
 Shelley Winters


I’ll be covering Johnny Stool Pigeon on July 31st!!! And there are so many incredible bloggers lined up to fill your week with all the William Castle chills and thrills you could ever imagine!

Dan Duryea, Howard Duff and Shelley Winters in William Castle’s noir crime thriller Johnny Stool Pigeon

See ya soon folks!!!- MonsterGirl

4 thoughts on “It’s almost here: The William Castle Blogathon so go ahead and be a stool pigeon and tell everyone!

  1. Joey, I wish I had an e mail address to reach you at. In any case I wanted to let you know that I will be posting a revision on a piece I wrote about Komeda’s unforgettable score to ROSEMARY’S BABY at WitD on whatever day you are recommending that I publish. I am assuming I need to do nothing more than just post. Naturally the revision will include some information on Castle’s involvement in the project as producer. While I had originally planned to pen an entirely new piece, the past week has been extremely difficult. My lovely wife of 18 years, Lucille (age 49) and the mother of my five wonderful children, was diagnosed with a strain of multiple sclerosis (MS) after an episode on Monday when the side of face and upper arm became numb. While the long time prognosis is along the lines that she can live a long and fruitful life (as long in fact as anyone who does not have this condition, with life expectancy the same– as has been repeatedly proven by a number of others we know or have known who have had this for over 40 years or more) the week has been stressful beyond anything I can relate here, what with my kids and I out at the hospital every day. I have suspended my THRILLER series for the next month at WitD as well, until we get back from a long planned two week trip to the U.K., which the doctors have wholeheartedly urged that we still take for all kinds of reasons. I am sure all will be well, but the road ahead will require application of mutual support. Lucille is a school principal in our home town (where I have taught for 27 years) and expects to be back at work on Tuesday, after the last round of steroids over the weekend.

    As I say I will modify and make additions to my essay, though the prime theme will focus on Komeda’s music. If you need to reach me my friend, my e mail address is:

    I’m sure this will be quite a blogothon! Please let me know what day exactly you want my post to publish.

    -Sam Juliano

    1. Dearest Sam-First of all my heart goes out to you and Lucy. I have been dealing with the possibility of MS for years now and know how heart wrenching not only the symptoms are but the process of hunting down the diagnosis can be just as daunting and nightmarish. Email me at so we can chat. And as far as the blogathon goes.

      Please don’t even leave a bead of sweat on your brow about your contribution. If you’d like to just focus on Komeda’s extraordinary score that will tie up the event nicely. I”m actually doing the back story of Castle’s involvement in the film the last day so let me handle that part of the story. Write me and let me know how your wife is doing. Please. my prayers are with you all. Ill mark you down for Aug 2 Christopher Komeda’s soundtrack to Rosemary’s Baby How does that work for you?

    2. Sam write me at so we can chat more about this. Take care of your lovely wife. My prayers are with you both. Please don’t worry about your post. I’m doing a backstory for Castle’s production of Rosemary, but your Komeda piece will be a wonderful addition to the event. it’s the most hauntingly moving piece of work. Lets chat more in private about life and illness and family and love and life and film -be well my friend

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