Happy Birthday Mary Astor!

Mary Astor

Today kicks off the celebration… it’s the Mary Astor Blogathon hosted by Dorian of Tales of the Easily Distracted and Ruth of Silver Screenings. So please join everyone in honoring this classy lady…

Just adore that Mary-MonsterGirl

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mary Astor!

  1. Ooh, Joey and Ruth, I’m loving that photo of our birthday girl Mary Astor, 107 years young! They’re in Heaven now, but I bet Mary and our favorite stars are partying up there! Jo, thanks for that gorgeous picture of Mary to help kick off our TotED/Silver Screenings Blogathon Week! A toast to our Ms. Astor! Cake and bubbly, anyone? :-D


    1. I love this! I’m am currently delpeoving a logo for a local movie production company. This has definitely gotten my creative juices flowing with lots of ideas. How did you make this? Did you make it from scratch or did you splice images together in photoshop? I love it! Very creative image! I hope someone is able to use it!


    1. Bless your heart for remembering our beloved Mary Astor in honor of her birthday, Peaches! Granted, any time is Mary Astor Day as far as Team Bartilucci is concerned! By the way, are you also checking out the upcoming O Canada Blogathon? Even if you’re not Canadian (like my hubby Vinnie), I think you’d enjoy it. I’m working on Two’Clock Courage, starring Ann Rutherford and Tom Conway. I hope you and Wendy are happy and well, dear friend, with all good things to you and yours! :-D


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