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Joan Camden is the hostage, wife Karen Manelli prisoner to jealous, mad, and murderous concert pianist husband Claude Manelli (Francis Lederer)Handsome Donald Buka (Street With No Name 1948) plays an American in Vienna in search of a passport to freedom and happiness. He steals the identity of the dead man in his cab, and fate throws him and Karen together. The film is produced by actor Turhan Bey and directed by Gunther Von Fritsch who co-directed with Robert Wise on The Curse of The Cat People 1944.

Stolen Identity lobby card

“Claude has one great love… himself. His love is like a religion and his God asks for human sacrifices!”

Lederer and Camden Stolen Identity

Stolen Identity Donald Buka Joan Camden


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day! Stolen Identity (1953)

  1. Joey, you have me intrigued with STOLEN IDENTITY, especially with Francis Lederer as the star and Turhan Bey as the producer! How many films did he produce, I wonder? STOLEN IDENTITY is reminding me of similar films in that vein, such as NO MAN OF HER OWN, A STOLEN LIFE, and THE HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL. I’m especially intrigued since this is sounding like a man-in-distress movie, as opposed to a lady-in-distress movie. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for another great movie find, my friend!

    1. Dorian, I was trying to devour as much of the classic films from Netflix before the great purge. I too was intrigued by STOLEN IDENTITY. And was so surprised when I saw that the lovely Turhan Bey produced it… and was wondering the same thing, and plan on looking to see what else he’s produced. I was so thoroughly surprised with how much I loved the film. Lederer was amazing as always as a complexly dark figure. I love men in distress films, like The Dark Corner, which is one of my favs and should get more nods than it does. I think you’ll like the wonderful little touches and moments in this film. Please let me know what you think… Thanks again for always chiming in here my friend….your pal joey

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