A Trailer a Day Keeps the Boogeyman Away! Strait-Jacket (1964)



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One of William Castle’s tautly macabre psycho thrillers written by the prolific Robert Bloch (Psycho). Robert Bloch went on to write the surreal story The Night Walker (1964) starring Barbara Stanwyck. This frenetic yet subtle Grande Dame Guignol style flick in the spirit of Robert Aldrich’s Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (1964), stars the inimitable Joan Crawford as Lucy Harbin, who after 20 years in an asylum for the double axe-murder of her cheating husband and his lover, returns home to stay with her daughter Carol (Diane Baker) where the tension starts to boils over. As Lucy’s daughter Carol prepares to get married, the bodies start piling up, or I should say the heads start to roll once more. Has Lucy become an axe-wielding murderess again?

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Stait Jacket

Carol Harbin: “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! No, I didn’t mean that, I love you. I hate you!”

Joan Strait Jacket

Also co-starring Lief Erickson, Howard St John, and George Kennedy. 

Crawford replaced Joan Blondell in the role of Lucy Harbin after Blondell was injured and couldn’t finish the film. Also, Ann Helm had originally been picked to play the role of Carol, but Crawford insisted on them using Diane Baker. There was a lot of product placement of Pepsi-cola as Joan Crawford was on the Board of Directors of the soft drink empire.

Joan Blondell
the effervescent ever lovin’ Joan Blondell.
Ann Helm and Elvis in Follow That Dream
Ann Helm and Elvis in Follow That Dream 1962.

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