Coming Soon to The Last Drive-In

Let's All Go Out To The Lobby

Coming very soon – The Night God Screamed (1971) Part II of ‘Leave Your Faith, Fear and Sanity at the Water’s Edge’ Starring Jeanne Crain.


The Electrical Secrets of Kenneth Strickfaden: or as Harry Goldman’s book title goes-“Dr. Frankenstein’s Electrician”

Chandu Bela

Bunny Lake is Missing (1965) & Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964): Otto Preminger/Bryan Forbes – ‘A Conspiracy of Madness.’

Bunny Lake Is Missing

Seance on a Wet Afternoon

No Way To Treat a Lady 1968 & Man On a Swing 1974: All the World’s a Stage: ‘Of Madness, Lipstick and ESP.’

No Way To Treat A Lady

Man on A Swing

And much much more from the clip joint, Hysterical Woman of the Week, Trailers to keep the Boogeyman away, Postcards From Shadowland and From The Vault!!!!

See ya soon-MonsterGirl

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to The Last Drive-In

  1. Sounds like a swell lineup, Joey! BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING is a parent’s nightmare (and I mean that as a compliment), and I’m especially interested in reading your review of NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY, since I had a big crush on George Segal in my teens. My hubby Vinnie has never really been a Segal fan, but hey, that’s what makes a horserace and all that! :-) Looking forward to it, Pal Joey, as always! :-D

    1. I cannot wait to sit with these films again. They are some of the best masterpieces of suspense. That’s adorable that you had a crush on George Segal. Have you seen him in The Terminal Man, you might not want to get that close to him in that one. Lol… Vinnie’s probably just a little possessive of his honey and doesn’t want you swooning over Mr Segal which is very sweet. – Always your Pal Joey

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