Hysterical Woman of the Week! Louise Sorel in The Fugitive from (1965)

As of late, I am finding myself drawn to David Janssen, his quiet charisma and sexy self-restrained smile that just kind of makes me swoon. I’ve been devouring as much of his work as I can, guilty pleasures like Once is Not Enough 1975, and tv movies like The Golden Gate Murders 1979, Warning Shot 1967, and his other tv persona as cheeky private eye, Harry O.Each night I coil up with an episode of that quintessential noir television thriller, The Fugitive to waltz me into slumberland.

And so, in honor of this wonderful actor who left us way too early …I’m kicking off this new Last Drive-In offering, Hysterical Woman of the Week, with one of the most powerful episodes from the series about the man who runs away a lot… the valiant and zen Dr Richard Kimble.

David Janssen fugitive

So with just a little further MG ramblings here’s a little ‘hysteria’ god how I resent, no!…abhor this archetype which is why I harp on it perhaps way too much, The Hysterical Woman…!

Louise Sorel

Here’s the pretty and unsung Louise Sorel  portraying Edith Waverly getting a little upset with mother Edith (Ruth White)

*years later she would do hysterical brilliantly yet again as Velia Redford in one of my favorite episodes of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery’s The Dead Man.

from television series ‘The Fugitive’: episode The Survivors (2 Mar. 1965)

Ever Hysterically Yours-MonsterGirl

6 thoughts on “Hysterical Woman of the Week! Louise Sorel in The Fugitive from (1965)

  1. Great poignant scene from THE FUGITIVE, Jo! Having a few loved ones who insist on living in the past, I could certainly empathize with that clip! Hope you and yours are happy and well, and that 2013 will be a banner year for you!

    1. Dorian… I agree the scene just touched something off in me. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Years and an abundance of blessings come your way in 2013 !!!

  2. Ooh, this is a good scene. (Although the wallpaper was a bit distracting at first.)

    Looking forward to more of your blogs in 2013. When I see an email notification of a new post you`ve uploaded, I can`t wait to read it. This blog, and all the work you put into it, is a real treat for us readers.

    1. Happy Belated New Years to you SilverScreenings! You’re sooo sweet…I always appreciate the kind words you grace me with here. It makes it such a pleasure for me to express my meananderings when I see that great people such as yourself enjoy it so much. And yes, it’s funny, I thought I was the only one who could be distracted by wallpaper, sconces, and such in any given scene…
      See you soon, and wishing you a wonderful 2013

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