MonsterGirl Lives!~Back from the shadows of the storm!

Dear readers, I am grateful to finally be back on line, after some of the devastation that so many people experienced from this past storm.

We got a little thrown back into the primitive days of reading ghost stories by candle light instead of watching them on TV, and huddling together with the cats to stay warm.

Others in New York and New Jersey did not fair as well. I send so much peace and healing to those who have been adversely affected.

If there is anything I can do, please reach out. Now that PSE&G has thrown us back into Modernity, I can not only feel my fingertips again, I can also continue to blog once again.

Also of special note: While I was out of communication, I missed out on so many lovely sentiments about my contribution to the Val Lewton Blogathon as well as some of the nifty things I posted before all went BLACK!

Thank you all for being so kind and supportive to my blog. Every comment means a lot, and makes me smile so wholeheartedly.

My heart goes out to my friends and neighbors here in the Tri State Area. We are strong, we have our senses of humor and we stick together in times like this. Be well, be safe, be happy until all is restored again.
With much peace, Joey MonsterGirl

I’ll leave you with a wonderful mascot of energy Behold Eck!

5 thoughts on “MonsterGirl Lives!~Back from the shadows of the storm!

  1. Joey, I’m glad and relieved that you’re OK after Hurricane Sandy’s reign of terror and property damage! We of Team Bartilucci are thankful that our home and many of our friends emerged safe and sound, too!

    1. Thanks Dor! I am so glad you at Team Bartilucci braved it out as well. My heart aches for all the people who have been devastated by the storm. I am wishing everyone better days ahead…for us, it gave us a chance to read ghost stories by flashlight, rather than watch any films, which was a delightful lesson in the appreciating the old ways for a bit. A good lesson, in keeping it simple and making each little moment a precious thing!

      1. Joey, while we’re still rooting for the remaining NY/NJ residents struggling to get back to normal after Hurricane Sandy, you also had me smiling because your comment reminded me of some of the big blackouts in NYC from when I was a little tyke, and we’d tell ghost stories and such with our flashlights, too! Hmm, you know, suddenly I’m in the mood to watch the 1965 Gregory Peck/Diane Baker thriller MIRAGE! :-) Stay safe, my friend!

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