A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! The Man From Planet X (1951)


Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer (The Black Cat 1934,Detour 1945) and starring Raymond Bond as Professor Elliot who accompanied by his daughter Enid (Margaret Field) sets up an Observatory on a remote Scottish island, to study a rogue planet that is heading toward Earth.

Robert Clarke plays John Lawrence a reporter who shows up, right after the spaceship from Planet X lands near the observatory. Also starring William Schallert  as Dr. Mears Professor Elliot’s assistant who tries to communicate with the man from Planet X.

Is this adorable, rubbery astronaut in a silver tubed space suit, good-natured or an enemy to the people of Earth? Your heart will pound, your pulse will throb…!

Prof. Elliot-“A face…a human face?”

Enid Elliot-“A ghastly caricature like something distorted by pressure… a horrible grotesque imitation looking right in my eyes!”

I actually had the rubber action figure of The Man From Planet X. In the 70s they had put out a series of replicas from various sci-fi movies. I also had the winged angel from Barbarella. Either  Octaman or one of the Green Slime, I can’t quite recall the detail work, (sad to say, I’m getting to be an older MonsterGirl) Plus I had the Red Devil alien from Angry Red Planet!

Do any of you remember these action figures as well? I’d love to hear from you!

“The WEIRDEST Visitor the Earth has ever seen!”

Keep watching the skies!-MonsterGirl

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