From The Vault: Who Killed Teddy Bear?(1965)

“Why with everybody else – why with every slob … and not with me?”


Sal Mineo (Rebel Without A Cause 1955 The Young Don’t Cry 1957) plays yet another troubled youth, this time he’s a busboy at a disco. His name is Lawrence Sherman, who has had a turbulent childhood manifesting into an obsessive sexually disturbed young pervert.

His object of desire is aspiring actress/disc jockey Nora Dain, at the club where he buses tables. He makes obscene phone calls, partakes in a bit of voyeurism, frequents porn shops and XXX movie theaters with the rest of the heavy breathing raincoat crowd!

A very sleazy exploitation goodie from the 60s utilizing that gorgeous high contrast black and white and Charlie Calello’s perfect soundtrack of raunchy cheese horns that make you want to flail your hips in Satan red high heel shoes, digging holes in the carpets, while you twist til dawn!

Mineo exudes angst and a bottled up sexual repression so well that his role as obsessive stalker , makes the scenes with his sweaty bare chest, creep me out til Tuesday of next week!

Normally I just adore a sweaty bare chest, don’t get me wrong… but these are ‘pervert beads of sweat’ we’re talkin’ here…! Now JUST TO BE CLEAR! I am not drawing connections between Mineo’s real life self proclaimed homosexuality and the film’s perceived character of Lawrence Sherman whose so-called ‘perversion’ and sexual proclivities lead him down a dangerous path.

Sal Mineo, teen idol, extraordinary actor playing the street kid against the established order of things, and publicly gay man in the 70s, was very brave to wear his identity out in the open.

But that’s why I love these exploitation gems from the 1960s so much. They run counter-intuitive to The Cleavers ( which I LOVE so, no disrespect there.)But it’s important to muddy up the good clean mythos of the American dream once in a while….!

Added to the plot line is the obsessive cop who has his own fixations, like listening to crime tapes with graphic confessions!

The film is directed by Joseph Cates, Written by Arnold Drake and has an interesting cast including not just Juliet Prowse, but Jan Murray as Lt. Dave Madden another obsessed male animal, the great Elaine Stritch as Marian Freeman , Nora Dain’s fur coat stroking, club owning dyke…

I love how they get these older dames like Gypsy Rose Lee in Screaming Mimi and Elaine here as Marian Freeman to play lurking coded lustful lesbos / adult club owners on the hunt for fresh meat!

Wow…I think that there’s a pattern forming here. Hhhm…I’ll have to look back at Naked Kiss and reconsider that scene where club owner (Virginia Grey) Candy is shoving that dirty money into Constance Tower’s mouth… Hhm.

Elaine Stritch predatory lesbian club owner and Sal Mineo very sexually troubled young man…

Margo Bennett as Edie Sherman Lawrence’s sister.

Lawrence’s sister in the closet. Ah the wholesome American home life breeds so many happy youngsters!

“I never thought you’d put me down, but I’m walkin’ around with no place to go!”


There are thousands of films like these in my collection, this is just one of them, so curl up with your own ‘teddy bear’ if it’s not psychotic and see it for yourself!-MonsterGirl!

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    1. IMBd credits the main score to Charles Calello who it seems also did the amazing score to EYES OF LAURA MARS. There’s also a song credit called Discotheque Songs (Uncredited) written by Bob Gaudio and Al Kasha…. I love the grittiness of the film and I agree the music is sensationally moody

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