A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Girls on The Loose (1958)

Girls on The Loose 1958

Directed by Paul Heinreid and Starring Mara Corday, Lita Milan, Barbara Bostock, Joyce Barker  Abby Dalton, and Mark Richman as Lt Bill Hanley.

They were tough, hard as nails…mean!

Vera, the brain, who was a sucker for any man!

Agnes who is chicken!

Maria who had sticky fingers and a thirst like a fish!

Joyce… strong as an ox!

and Helen, singing and dancing Helen. Who fell in love with a cop and made the mistake of wanting to go straight?

“If you ever say that again, if you ever think it!… I’ll ram these scissors right through you, you thick ugly slob!”

MonsterGirl now in Jersey bids you all a warm, I’m back!

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