The Best Hitchcock Movies (That Hitchcock Never Made) Blogathon is here!

Monstergirl is thrilled to share a special occasion happening from July 7th to July 13th, 2012!

Hosted by Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci, of Tales of the Easily Distracted and Rebecca Barnes, of ClassicBecky’s Brain Food.

The Best Hitchcock Movies (That Hitchcock Never Made)

You’ll read some of the best writing and insight into some extraordinary films, lensed by various bloggers who have gathered together to honor one of the greatest film makers, Alfred Hitchcock.

Putting a spin on the director and focusing on films that while Hitch did not direct, the feel and flavor of his highly stylized work comes through as either artful homage or unspoken symbiosis.

I’ll be chiming in on July 11th with my take on 1981 Road Games starring Stacy Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as re-reviewing an earlier Boris Karloff’s Thriller episode called The Storm.

So here’s to that silly man with the inimitable voice and droll sense of humor, dark and ironic and filled with morbid joyfulness!

A special belated Happy Birthday to Hitch’s daughter Patricia who celebrated her 84th on the 7th of this month!

Here’s to Cheers and Chills – MonsterGirl!

One thought on “The Best Hitchcock Movies (That Hitchcock Never Made) Blogathon is here!

  1. MonsterGirl, I love your “Coming Attractions” for ROAD GAMES and KARLOFF’S THRILLER post “The Storm,” which I’m looking forward to revisiting tomorrow for your BEST HITCHCOCK MOVIES (THAT HITCHCOCK NEVER MADE) entry! Thanks for joining our Blogathon fun, my friend!

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