A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Pretty Poison (1968)


(Anthony Perkins) plays Dennis Pitt, a mentally disturbed young man recently released from an institution, who tells a pretty All-American girl Sue Ann Stepanek (Tuesday Weld) that he’s a secret agent working for the CIA.

Weld is an all american girl

Weld on the swings

Perkins is hooked

Weld and Perkins Poison

She’s thrilled to feed into Dennis’ fantasy world and that’s when all hell breaks loose and subterfuge Folie à deux and murder ensue, in this dark thriller from the 1960s. Co-starring Beverly Garland as Mrs. Stepanek and John Randolph as Morton Azenauer

Directed by Noel Black and written by Stephen Geller based on his novel, and screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Perkins and Weld

The planning

At the movies


Pretty Poison 1

Pretty Lobby Card



Mother and duo

Perkins and Weld

Beverly Garland

Weld shoots

Pretty Poison Lobby Card

“…Wait till you see what they did to his aunt – the night watchman – to her mother.”

Happy Trailers-MonsterGirl!

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