A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! The Gorgon (1964)


In the early 20th century, a Gorgon takes human form and terrorizes a small European village by turning its citizens to stone. This Gothic Hammer Horror of mythic proportions is directed by Terence Fisher and stars those British titans of terror Christopher Lee, as Prof. Karl Meister, Peter Cushing as Dr. Namaroff, and Barbara Shelley as Carla Hoffman.

“She had a face only a mummy could love!”

Happy Trailers- MonsterGirl!

4 thoughts on “A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! The Gorgon (1964)

    1. Agreed! I’m so glad I brought you some fond memories. Thanks for stopping by the Drive-In and please come again real soon!
      Joey (MonsterGirl)

  1. Hey, Joey, loved your GORGON trailer! The lettering on the blurbs were such a dark red, it was almost like the trailer was covered with blood! :-) Nice choice!

    By the way, my pal Michael Wolff thanks you for your praise of his article “Taste the Blood of Drive-Ins!” post! Michael’s a swell guy as well as a terrific writer, so all of us here at Team Bartilucci H.Q. are happy that you enjoyed his work as much as we do! :-)

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