A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! She 1935 ‘She who must be obeyed!’

SHE 1935  by H Rider Haggard

KINO VIDEO’s colorized version of H.Rider Haggard’s fantastical tale of immortality and passions literally on fire!~ Directed by Lansing C Holden and Irving Pichel

I am planning a more in depth overview of this beautiful film that plays like a surrealist opera, with extravagant choreography and fantastic art and visual design. Massive quasi Sumerian /Deco sets by Art Director Van Nest Polglase and set direction by Thomas Little. A stunning score by Max Steiner

 Costume Design by Aline Bernstein and Harold Miles

Randolph Scott  plays Leo Vincey  the descendant of his identical looking ancestor who claims to have visited an ancient lost land over 500 years ago, where exists the secret of immortality within the eternal flames of a mystic fire. Over seen by an immortal Queen called ‘She’ the entrancingly beautiful Helen Gahagan

Vincey sets out with family friend Horace Holly, the wonderful Nigel Bruce to discover this mysterious legend, taking along with him as well, the beautiful Tanya Dugmore (Helen Mack), a guide’s daughter.

They struggle through the frozen terrain of the Russian arctic, until they stumble upon Kor, the hidden civilization brutally reigned over by the vicious Queen She. Once She sets her sights on Leo, she believes that it is her beloved John Vincey, her long lost lover who left her behind 500 years ago!

“From H. Rider Haggard’s weird, wondrous story of the beautiful woman who bathed in flame and lived 500 years .. at last to find her first love at this very hour!”


Happy Trailers- Eternally Yours-MonsterGirl

2 thoughts on “A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! She 1935 ‘She who must be obeyed!’

  1. Joey, I’ve only ever seen the 1960s version of SHE with Ursula Andress, so long ago I’m afraid I’ve forgotten more about it than I remembered. But I’m really excited to find out there’s a trailer for the 1935 version, and with Randolph Scott, no less! (Thanks to BLAZING SADDLES, every time I hear Scott’s name, I’m always tempted to sing the name “Randolph Scott!” :-)) Thanks for sharing this great trailer, my friend!

    1. The 1935 version is incredibly edgy and chilling for an older film. Although, in truth, many films from the 30s because of their lack of self consciousness, transcended their constraints and produced very authentic dark works!

      One thing that struck me was the choreography and the art direction. Although quite a mishmash of ancient influences, the set design and slick conversions of quasi ancient/art deco elements, surrounding the abject brutality of SHE seemed really quite provocative!

      Please watch it when you get a chance and let me know how it strikes you, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!

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