A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Play Misty For Me (1971)

Play Misty For Me 1971

Dave has a brief fling with a sexy fan who calls his radio program and asks him to “Play Misty For Me” Unfortunately this one-night stand between a savvy playboy disc jockey and an obsessed female fan turns into a nightmarish game of cat and mouse.

Spirally toward a deadly climax once a woman enters the picture.

The story is by Jo Heims, (You’ll Like My Mother 1972, Nightmare in Badham County 1976 and uncredited for Dirty Harry 1971).

Directed and starring that guy with the satin-toned whispering voice, Clint Eastwood, as Dave, Jessica Walter as the psychotically iconic Evelyn Draper, and Donna Mills as Dave’s love interest, Tobie.

Also starring John Larch as Sgt. McCallum.

Original soundtrack by Dee Barton and great use of Roberta Flack’s timeless song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Predating Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction, Walter’s portrayal of an obsessive psychopath is absolutely stunning. Truly one of the most memorable thrillers in film history!

“The scream you hear may be your own!”

“… an invitation to terror…”

Happy Trailers – MonsterGirl

2 thoughts on “A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Play Misty For Me (1971)

  1. Hey, Monstergirl, I remember seeing PLAY ‘MISTY’ FOR ME during its broadcast premiere on network TV (ABC, if I recall correctly); I was only 8 when it was in movie theaters back in 1971, so my parents didn’t think I was ready for it yet. :-) What a treat to see that great trailer, with the inimitable sinister baritone voice of ace voice-over artist and character actor Paul Frees from THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, among others! Jessica Walter has had a long career playing all kinds of roles, but as scary as Glenn Close was in FATAL ATTRACTION, the amazing Ms. Walter is just as chilling if not more so, But then, maybe we movie mavens always think our first movie psychopath is the scariest! :-) Great music in the film, too, what with the Monterey Jazz Festival and Roberta Flack’s beautiful “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Thanks for a terrific blast from the past!

    1. I remember when they started running it on TV, and yes I do think it was ABC. I did however see it’s theatrical release as one of the great things about my mom was that she didn’t try and shield me from horror related subject matter. Perhaps that was a gift, and a curse. That’s a reason I am monstergirl afterall…I am so glad that you mentioned Paul Frees. I was thinking to myself, ‘oh there’s that ubiquitous voice of the everyman announcer’ I love his voice. Thanks for touting him here. And you know what, I think given all the years in between Fatal Attraction and Play Misty For Me, Walters hands down gives the more sublime performance. She is a brilliant actress. I also enjoyed the Monterey Jazz scenes from the film, being a musician myself, I appreciate good soundtrack, as it is a key element to layering a great narrative. And you know what!!!! You and I are the same age. Well, I was 9 in 1971, but since I act like a teenager, and live int he past, it helps stave off the years….! You’re so fun to talk to, see ya later kiddoe!

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