The Film Score Freak recognizes Carnival of Souls 1962 and Jo Gabriel’s ‘Vacant Little Stare’


Herk Harvey’s one film masterpiece of the macabre, starring Candace Hilligoss.

I’ve taken scenes from the film and edited them together with my song called Vacant Little Stare off the album Fools and Orphans.

This cult classic is so incredibly atmospheric and the imagery so unique for it’s day, that I couldn’t resist melding it together with my song, of alienation, loneliness and madness, which compliment Mary Henry’s persona very well I think! Enjoy!-Joey

‘A story so unusual it will burn itself into your mind’

‘A weird tale of the unnatural’

‘She Was A Stranger Among The Living.’

‘She Escaped Death. Now It Wants Her Back!’

MonsterGirl- Jo Gabriel

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