A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! The Devil’s Rain (1975)

The Devil’s Rain 1975

Director Robert Fuest creates an atmosphere of nihilism and dread in this classic 70s horror film starring the brawny brow Ernest Borgnine as Jonathon Corbis/Satan, Eddie Albert as Dr. Sam Richards, Ida Lupino as Mrs. Preston, William Shatner as Mark Preston, Keenan Wynn as Sheriff Owens, Tom Skerritt as Tom Preston, Joan Prather as Julie Preston, Woody Chambliss as John and a young John Travolta as Danny.

Set in the American rural landscape a group of Satanists create a legion of eyeless followers who worship a goat-headed devil, and threaten to banish all who disobey to dwell inside a large blown glass bottle, amidst perpetual rain of the woes and tortures of hell upon them. This ‘rain’ has the ability to melt its victims as if they were made out of Play-Doh!

The Preston family has been broken apart by the cult, some of the remaining family members go on a mission to destroy the cult and force their way directly into the pits of this hellish nightmare to wreak revenge upon Mr Goat Head and his legion of empty eye socket devotees.

Perhaps considered laughable at the time, I saw the theatrical release at my local drive-in on Long Island, and am not afraid to admit that  I was scared shitless by the images of the no-eyed victims. Even John Revolta who had just come off the Welcome Back Kotter craze appeared truly terrifying to me at the time. Still does for different reasons not mentioned here…

I just love this film, for its unique, and utterly creepy manifest, with its great cast and an unforgiving campiness that makes it memorable and fun to watch. Borgnine has a streak of sardonic charm in many of his acting roles, so seeing him don the goat horns and the fiendish snout is precious!

“There have been films about earthquakes, airplane disasters, and blazing infernos but there has never been anything like… The Devil’s Rain”

“The 300-year-old search to damn mankind is over…and the towering terror of the devil on earth is now unleashed!”

Happy Trailers-‘come in out of the rain’-MonsterGirl

4 thoughts on “A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! The Devil’s Rain (1975)

  1. Wow, this was a weird movie. I saw it when I was first really getting into horror, so I was expecting logic and serious scares. I think if I watched it again I might like it more.

    1. What it lacks in logic and depth, it conveys that wonderful 70s creepy kitch that no remake will ever capture! Thanks for commenting Wednesday’s Child, it’s nice to see you here at the Drive In… Come again soon!

    1. I think the film is often mistaken for camp, and rightfully so, but beyond the obvious 70s style, it exudes an odd creep factor that holds your attention even today. Pit and The Pendulum is one of the all time great true horror masterpieces. And of course Phibes was magical. All this said…Devil’s Rain is uniquely stunning in it’s eerie way. And since we recently mourned the loss of Ernest Borgnine it begs another look see! – MonsterGirl

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