A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Queen for a day!


Writer/Director Curtis Harrington’s (Night Tide 1961, Games 1967 What’s The Matter With Helen 1971) space fantasy about a female alien specie emblazoned with a silver 60s bee hive hairstyle and a proclivity for drinking blood and laying eggs, takes over the crew of a rescue ship sent to Mars. Starring the swarthy John Saxon, as astronaut Allan Brenner Basil Rathbone as Dr. Farraday Judi Meredith as Laura James Dennis Hopper, Paul Grant, Florence Marley as Alien Blood Queen, and a cameo spot for Forrest J Ackerman as Dr. Farraday’s aid.

“A deathless witch who devours men…turns the milky way into a galaxy of GORE!!!!!!!”


A crew of daring space explorers landing on Venus…are captured by long-limbed beauties! They take them to their leader…the queen of outer space.

They are the only men on the whole planet. Oh boy! But!!!… Will they ever be able to return to Earth?????

Starring Zsa Zsa Gabor as Talleah, Eric Fleming as Capt. Neal Patterson, Paul Birch as Prof.Konrad, Dave Willock as Lt. Mike Cruze and Lisa Davis as Motiya, Laurie Mitchell as Queen Yilana, and Barbara Darrow as Kaeel. Directed by Edward Bernds and written for the screen by Charles Beaumont from a story by Ben Hecht.

“You’ll see a revolt that brings the planet under the domination of strangely masked females who HATE and FEAR the male animal!!!!!”

Happy Trailers MonsterGirl -who doesn’t hate the male animal…

2 thoughts on “A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Queen for a day!

  1. Dennis Hopper, John Saxon, Basil Rathbone, AND Forry Ackerman (always a hit in your household)? I like QUEEN OF BLOOD ALREADY! And in QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, is it me, or do those blue-gray uniforms look like the ones the guys wore in FORBIDDEN PLANET? Either way, Joey, your sure make them sound like fun!

    1. Queen of Blood is quite eerie for its day, and not the usual Harrington psycho thriller that I LOVE!

      And holy cow, I think you’re right about the uniforms!

      I’m glad you’re having fun. I’ll have to pick something deliciously sinister for you next!!!!! Stay tuned…..

      PS I used to own every Famous Monsters of Filmland as they were issued. Those were the days..sigh

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