A trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Not of This Earth (1957)

Not of This Earth (1957)

Ground Breaking Sultan of Cult Film, The King of the B-Movie Roger Corman’s sublime alien invader sci-fi film from the 50s, has some slick low-budget Noiresque qualities and more than a tinge of the vampire mythos. Starring from Corman’s pool of his familiars in acting talent, Paul Birch ( The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962, Beast With a Million Eyes 1955) plays the mysterious Paul Johnson an agent sent from the planet Davana to seek out blood for his dying race. The omnipresent and always wonderful actress of film and television Beverly Garland plays Nadine Storey the capable nurse who Johnson chooses to give him blood transfusions.

In the meantime Johnson terrorizes California with his creepy sunglasses and little impish head-crushing, flying bat creature, that’s been described as an inverted umbrella!  Yet another Paul Blaisdell goodie!

More than a little shade of Film Noir.

Somewhat like if a Brussels sprout had legs and could fly: The Flying Bat Creature!

“Somewhere in the world, there stalks a thing that is…Not of This Earth!”

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