A Trailer a day keeps the Boogeyman away! Dead Ringer 1964

Dead Ringer (1964) Starring Bette Davis & Bette Davis!

The twin sister of a callous wealthy woman murders her sister out of revenge and assumes the identity of the dead woman.

This Film Noir/ Thriller is directed by Davis’s co-star who played Jerry Durrance in Now Voyager (1942), debonair actor and director Paul Henreid (Casablanca 1942, Hollow Triumph 1942. Among over 35 titles Henreid directed one such is my favorite episode of Boris Karloff’s Thriller’s The Terror in Teakwood.

Davis gives a command performance as both the wealthy and ruthless, Margaret DeLorca and modest and kindly club owner, twin Edith Phillips. The film also gives Karl Malden another chance to show off his superb acting skills as Sergeant Jim Hobbson the man who adores Edith and wants to marry her.

Also starring Philip Carey, Jean Hagen, Peter Lawford, and George Macready. Perhaps one of my favorite films of Bette Davis, and the hybrid Film Noir/Thriller as well, I plan on going in depth in the near future with a post called The Twisted Mirror which will cover psychological thrillers featuring female twin sisters.

“What Bette Davis does to Bette Davis and to Karl Malden and Peter Lawford in DEAD RINGER is just what “Baby Jane” people will adore!”

Happy Trailers MonsterGirl!

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  1. This film was so ahead of its time in terms of putting an actress on screen with herself. And of course Bette Davis, well, I don’t need to comment on her greatness as we’re all aware of it.

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