Friday’s Trailer to keep the Boogeyman away! Where Danger Lives (1950)

A consummate entry in the film noir canon Directed by John Farrow, starring two of my favorite actors the rugged  Robert Mitchum, the sublime Claude Rains and the very lovely Faith Domergue as the movie’s femme fatale.

A young doctor falls in love with a fatal attraction, a disturbed young woman, becomes involved in the death of her husband, and has to flee with her to the Mexican border.

“She’s tempting in a penthouse and dangerous in a bordertown dive!”

Jeff Cameron: Look, I want you, not the money.

Margo: Money can help. It’d be awfully tough for a young doctor, Jeff.

Jeff Cameron: I’ve aged considerably in the last five minutes.

Margo: Poverty’s sordid. If you were broke…

Jeff Cameron: I will be, I promise you.


Margo- “Nobody Pities me!”

Happy Trailers! MonsterGirl

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