Robert Wise’s The Haunting (1963) “Help Eleanor Come Home”

Robert Wise’s cinematic masterpiece adapted from the Shirley Jackson novel The Haunting of Hill House. Starring Julie Harris as Eleanor Lance the queen of the inner monologue.

Here’s Theodora (Claire Bloom) the stylish sapphic with keen esp & the repressed Eleanor (Julie Harris) who just needs to belong somewhere, even if it’s with the dead!

My song “The Habits of Shadows” appears on my album Fools and Orphans.

With special appearance on backing vocals by the incredible Hannah Fury! Also featuring the stirring performance on upright bass by Mark Urness.

MonsterGirl ( JoGabriel )

3 thoughts on “Robert Wise’s The Haunting (1963) “Help Eleanor Come Home”

  1. great blog and this is one of my favorite ghost stories. the song playing behind it is beautiful. is it yours? where can someone buy it?

    1. Hey Peter, The Haunting is one of my all time favorite films in general. It never gets old for me. Wise did such an incredible job creating an eerie atmosphere where there was nothing to truly see on the surface that is. Brilliant! The song is actually one of my own, from my album Fools and Orphans. I’ve been delving into mashups with my music and films. It’s brought together my songwriting and my passion for film. I am so glad that you liked it. If you are interested in checking out my work you can always visit my official artists site here Click on the sound button and sample some of the songs I’ve done. Also visit my YouTube page jogabriel88 where you can watch some more of the films I’ve mashed with great classic noir and horror. Thanks so much for stopping by the drive in. I love to see people enjoying my site.
      Cheers joey MonsterGirl!

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    October is a month of haunts! Let’s celebrate with Eleanor Lance and her hyper passionate inner monologues by setting her thoughts to music… with The Habits of Shadows by yours truly Jo Gabriel

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