Thursday morning film score: Wuthering Heights 1939 & Jo Gabriel’s Of Love and Ether

Here’s to those immortal lovers Cathy and Heathcliff.


Of Love and Ether appears on my album Fools and Orphans

Wuthering Heights 1939

Starring Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier

MonsterGirl (Jo Gabriel)

6 thoughts on “Thursday morning film score: Wuthering Heights 1939 & Jo Gabriel’s Of Love and Ether

  1. Wow! I just found your videos through Aaron West and I am so impressed. I thought you were just laying songs you liked over films, but now I see these are your own compositions? I teach film editing and wish I could get you in my classroom. You have a good eye for putting clips together…

    1. Hey! I am very flattered and thrilled that you not only enjoyed my film/music mash ups but that you’ve given me the extra complement about my editing skill… Although music is my first love, and film a part of the inspiration that helps fuel my writing, I have found that editing is quite an essential part of what projects a film into a higher realm of art. I would LOVE to take a class with you… I haven’t noodled around with any clips lately but you make me feel like I should add a few.. Yes I write all the music, perform on piano, write the lyrics and sing them as well. Although on the fringe of the Independent music scene, I have a nice following in Europe! I was signed to an International Record Label for a few years. I used to perform out doing shows in NYC frequently, but haven’t in several years. Thank you so much for your comment here. It put a light in my smile and made me feel very good about the personal film/music projects that I’ve done… Cheers Joey

  2. I was searching for Wuthering Heights and found this, and I’m moved to tears by this song and montage of the film x 1000. Gorgeous! You are blessed with such amazing talent ! I’m going to watch more of your film scorings now. Amazing blog and talent. Thank you.

    1. Dear Sara, thank you so very much for your kind words. It has been my passion to express myself through my music and especially to know that it touches people in a deep way. I appreciate your sharing your kindness with me and I hope you do come back to visit The Last Drive in again-Cheers Joey

  3. What a gorgeous song and expertly made video tribute! The song and images are haunting and heart-tugging together. Do you have albums to purchase?

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve done many film/music mash ups using my own work to blend both my love of film and my work as a singer/songwriter. I do in fact have several albums out. I was primarily a songwriter before I got into blogging about classic film & television. You can learn more about my work tho my official music site is under construction you’ll still find my albums available there. You can find more film & music vids here when you click on the filmscore freak button on the side bar of the page. Cheers, Joey

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