Coming up at The Last Drive In 🎥

*The Archie Bunker Malapropism Dictionary of Mangled English! Season Two

*From Glamour to Trauma: Deconstructing the Myth of Hag Cinema

*Robert Mitchum’s Cinematic Archetype: The Alpha-Male’volence of Harry Powell and Max Cady in Night of the Hunter (1955) & Cape Fear (1962)

*Satan in the City: Cinematic Incarnations-Modernity & the Beast in the Urban ‘pit’.

*Queers and Dykes in the Dark. Classic & Noir Cinema’s Coded Gay Characters: The idolizing/objectifying male, and the obssessive/psychotic woman.

Shelley Winters: The Bloodiest Mama of them all!


Your EverLovin’ MonsterGirl saying see ya round the snack bar, save me a box of raisinets!



14 thoughts on “Coming up at The Last Drive In 🎥

  1. The Last DriveIn has the best snack bar for hungry cinema gourmets.Always the best food for thought. So yummy and filling.

  2. Joey- I want to pull your coat tail re: The New Thrilling Detective Web Site blog on David Thomson’s 1985 book SUSPECTS.

      1. Not my project. The New Thrilling Dectective Web Site is a blog I enjoy. Mostly about books but he also covers old t.v. and movies. I had never heard of SUSPECTS. Sounds like a cool concept for a book.

    1. Haha! I’d rather work on the one version of myself than having a replicant going around trying to be Joey. I hope to tackle these features, I’ve been brooding over them for a year now, and it’s just damn time to get it out of my head! It’s crammed in there as it is! Have a wonderful Holiday Season xoxo Joey

  3. Some great things coming up – as always! I’m especially looking forward to your essay on “hag cinema”.

    And: I’m binge-reading you this morning, but wanted to take a second to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and all the best in 2019. :)

  4. I can’t wait for your post on Queers in cinema! Always great stuff from the Drive in! Your work is appreciated and makes my film viewing experience that much better. Happy New Year!

  5. I’m a uni student writing a paper about gay characters in classic Hollywood films. Can you recommend some books I could read on the subject? I would appreciate it as this is an obscure topic!

    1. Hi Alfie, I have several books that I’m reading as source material and a few articles that might be of interest. I’ll list them here in a bit. I’m currently working on my Coded Gay Characters right now, so I’m in the thick of it! Cheers, Joey

    2. Hello Alfie-

      I’ve got 4 books to recommend to you. I hope it helps with your paper! First off, Vito Russo’s book revised 1987 The Celluloid Closet is a great read. I found a bit problematic in portions of the theory and certain terminology, yet it’s pretty dense with reference material and reviews. Then there’s Monsters in the Closet -Homosexuality and The Horror Film by Harry M Benshoff, after that there’s Frightening the Horses Gay Icons of the Cinema by Eric Braun

      and since Hollywood Studios did have studios based in England, you might be able to add this as a comparative study-Brief Encounters-Lesbians and Gay in British Cinema by Stephen Bourne. Good luck! I’d love to read your piece once it’s done, Cheers, Joey

      1. Thank you! It is so kind of you to put in this work. I have ordered those titles for my project. I look forward to your own writings on this. I am a Uni film student and love everything I have read so far on your website. Cheers!

  6. Looking forward to your Queers and Dykes in the Dark article! I’ve beenfascinated by those characters in films they don’t come out and say are gay, but obviously are. I can’t wait to see whom you write about!

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