While You’re Waiting!

Until my next post here at The Last Drive In I thought you might enjoy a light retro snack from the 1964… A Heinz pickle commercial featuring the always wonderfully quirky character actress Ruth McDevitt!

See you soon in the lobby! Your EverLovin’ pickle lover MonsterGirl- Joey

5 thoughts on “While You’re Waiting!

      1. I still remember old ladies squeezing tomatoes in the market or asking me to tap on some melons to see if they were good or would explode or whatever. Now, I gotta worry about pickles. This modern age is too much! ;D

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  1. Ruth! She is such a treasure in anything she does. I grew up as a little kid in the 60s and I don’t remember this particular commercial but there were so many that were funny like this one!!! Glad you’re also a pickle fan like me… Cheers!


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