Announcing the Criterion Blogathon

This is going to be an unbelievable blogathon!!!! could watch every Criterion film it’s like candy for the mind!

Criterion Close-Up

Criterion Collection animated gif

We are pleased to announce the first annual Criterion Blogathon!

The blogathon will take place November November 16th to 21st, and I have the pleasure of co-hosting with two of my favorite bloggers and favorite people: Kristina from Speakeasy and Ruth from Silver Screenings. This is not their first rodeo, as they’ve hosted numerous fantastic Blogathons. Earlier this year they hosted the Great Villain Blogathon and the Beach Party Bash Blogathon. What’s great about these two is that they turn these Blogathons into events, which is what we are planning for November.

Just last year, The Criterion Collection celebrated their 30th anniversary. That’s an amazing accomplishment for a physical media label. They began with laserdiscs, transitioned to DVDs, and now are the top boutique label for Blu-Ray/DVD. They have established credibility with their film choices, ranging from mainstream classics to some of the best art films the world…

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7 thoughts on “Announcing the Criterion Blogathon

  1. Hi. I’m a fellow classic film blogger and participate in many blogathons. I was trying to contact you back in June about a Barrymore blogathon that I was hosting last week, but not sure if my comment went through. Anyway I’m currently holding a new blogathon, and I wanted to invite you to participate. The link is below with more details

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    1. Oh my !!! I must have missed your comment somehow.. it’s been crazy busy.- I would have loved t o participate in the Barrymore Blogathon! But now Lauren Bacall is one special lady! If it’s alright with you, can I have a a day or so to think of what I’d do? I’m sure she’ll get scooped up but I have a tendency to go for the more off the beaten path roles… Thanks so much for inviting me! Cheers Joey my email addy is if that’s easier to correspond!

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