Favourite Five Series: Something Weird Video Triple Features

Goregirl and David Arrate have been offering a most fascinating and dare I say titillating series for the past two months now. Something Weird Video. There isn’t enough time in the day to delve into all the goodies they’ve been showcasing. It’s darn impressive and just wanted to share it here at The Last Drive In…

2 thoughts on “Favourite Five Series: Something Weird Video Triple Features

  1. Thank you so much for re-blogging mon ami ;D I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Something Weird Video catalog; a truly one of a kind library that deserves to be highlighted.

  2. Thanks for reblogging, Joey! I’m not through yet, though. There will continue to be Something Weird Video and Michael Findlay related posts on my Tumblr for a while, along with a lengthy piece at My Kind of Story.

    I’m still researching and collecting information to correct some of what’s on IMDb and elsewhere, as well going through additional titles. Currently chronicling the music from Michael FIndlay’s “Flesh” trilogy.

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