Dark clouds and fluffy white Flexeril


So, since the incredible William Castle Bash, I’ve been very quiet. I’ve had a lot going on with me at happiness house and just didn’t have the mental nor physical capacity to throw myself into a good old MonsterGirl post. It’s been one of those eerie months of mishaps, tragedies and all around Mishagos as my dear Russian Grandma Millie would say.

I’ve been in the ER twice due to an ongoing chronic illness I’ve been struggling with for years. My dearest friend’s young dog died from a rare disease this week, our tenants living in our little gem of a house in Maine are making life hell for us. They’re also suing us… in this climate of litigation it’s incredibly ludicrous to even threaten such a thing… but they are crazier than the Carta family in Boris Karloff’s Masquerade. I wish I could send Max Von Sydow over there to exorcise the dark cloud of negativity, antagonism and virtual mayhem they have been causing my partner and I. Where’s the holy water?

I’m sweating bullets til they vacate hoping they don’t steal my upright Grand piano Augusta Finch whom I left for their daughter to learn to play piano. Now they say, it’s become a burden that’s in their way.

The audacity and delusion boggles. It’s all about that first bowl of friendly fruit salad, where I should have seen the cues. That story for another time. But it is now going to be known as the ‘fruit salad’ theory.

My Mac fried, and worse than that, my sweet little Siamese Daisy has been sick. Hasn’t sung a tune with me in weeks. I’m hoping that’s it’s nothing worse than a routine UTI. My vet called me a Weenie because I care too much about my feline family. She’s a dog person. Me… with cats, I guess that makes me a weenie… Add that to the list of things I am.

My own brother has honed the fine art of Jewish guilt from mom may she rest in piece like the Rubins she was and is now punishing me with silence I don’t stay in touch enough oy vey. I adore my friends BUT-A few of my friends have been down right ornery & cantankerous- I need nice around me now.

All in all, I keep waiting for the next windfall of storm clouds to rain on us. Not to put the kibosh on it… we’ve got each other, our health ( well I’ve got painkillers to get me through the weekend til I see the Neurologist on Monday) and our beautiful cat family.

It may not look like the generic All American family you see on a Walmart commercial, but we’ve got lots of love and good friends who support and love us.

I need a protection spell to fend off the Strigoi (in the old country it’s basically a devil) and boogeyman and ill winds that keep heading our way.

I’ll be back writing on The Last Drive In. I’m just too drugged from the meds, and pooped from the meanness and gaul of people in this world who just need to create chaos. I can’t even put two sentences together.

Ironically, I just put several sentences together… let’s just call this one a cathartic rant…

Gonna go back to watching THE THING- since I couldn’t make it to the Film Forum’s showing


Love you guys-a tired little Joey who will be back-

PS I’m growing my dreadlocks back. I need my ‘muchness’ again So screw uptight Caldwell NJ

7 thoughts on “Dark clouds and fluffy white Flexeril

  1. Joey, hon, we’re so sorry to hear that life isn’t treating you as kindly as you deserve right now! We’ve been there,too, and we totally feel for you, having had similar forms of this kind of agita! All of us here at Team Bartilucci HQ wish we had the power to make everything better for you ASAP, but until then, know that we adore you with all our collective heart, and that we’re thinking positive thoughts and prayers for you, as well as your dear kitty. Here’s to better days ahead, dear friend!

  2. Yes, when life sucks it’s only temporary. it helps to keep chanting “this too shall pass!” And when you get those lemons, find us folks who have the vodka and we can cheer you right up! :) hang in there

  3. Wish I could mail those parasite tenants a dropkick into the Twilight Zone for you, Joey. Don’t let meds and industrial toxins poison you further, if you can help it. You’ll find that an acupuncturist and especially a GMO-free diet can be much more beneficial for you in the long run, if less profitable for the slime profiteers dictating what the medical field is recommending. I think your dreadlocks will give you a power-up too. :)

    Hoping this dark cloud passes over soon.

  4. Jo, I’m so sorry to hear about all these miserable things that have dumped themselves into your life. :( I hope all will be resolved and healed soon… Take good care, and know that we’re pulling for you.

  5. Joey,
    With so much stuff going on in such a short time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It seems like you’re doing what needs to be done– writing cathartic “rants” and watching classics like the Thing. Keep doing the things you enjoy (especially hugging your animals), deal with the other stuff as necessary (but don’t let it/them take over every waking thought), and things will get better.

    P.S.: Does it always have to be cat people vs. dog people? I have both and love them all dearly. :)

    P.P.S.: Looking forward to more posts!

  6. Very sorry to hear about all the lamentable issues that are presently darkening your outlook. Still I’m sure that the sun will shine soon, and your eternal enthusiasm will manifest itself on these pages. Here’s to an invigorating autumn!

  7. I was instantly drawn to the post by the Nosferatu gif, then read it. Sorry to hear you have been ill, and haven’t exactly had a great time recently, but I do look forward to reading some film posts etc :-)

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