The Fantastically Huge World of Mr. B.I.G: ♛ Bert I.Gordon: Part I- ‘Glorious Gigantism, Tiny Living Dolls, Spurned Ghostly Trollops, Grand Guignol with Zsa Zsa Gabor and Orson Welles as a Devil Worshiping Raiser of the Dead!’

Mr. B.I.G. Himself- BERT I. GORDON: The B-Movie Giant!

Bert I Gordon

Bert Ira Gordon is an American Film Director most known for his science fiction and horror B-movies, such as The Amazing Colossal Man, Beginning of the End, Attack of The Puppet People, Food of the Gods and Village of the Giants, and awarded the prestigious Grand Prix du Festival International Du Paris Fantastique in 1977.

Bert I Gordon in 2006
Bert I Gordon at the Monster Bash in Pittsburgh 2006 holding a mask from his film The Cyclops (1957).

Much of Bert I.Gordon’s earliest work did in fact deal with the theme of gigantism and giant beasties for which he used the method of split screen and rear-projection to create his special effects. He’s been nicknamed Mister B.I.G. which also stands for his initials, though it’s a cheeky reference to his love of all things over sized.

He began making home movies in 16mm which was a thirteenth birthday present from his aunt. He started out making commercials and editing for British television and then…


It was in 1955 that he made his first feature KING DINOSAUR , but it wasn’t until 1957 that he began his association with b movie moguls Samuel Z Arkoff and James H. Nicholson for American International Pictures. You can see a great documentary about the A.I.P. story, check out… It Conquered Hollywood! The Story of American International Pictures (TV 2001)

Samuel Z. Arkoff
Samuel Z Arkoff American International Pictures.

In 1960 he wrote, produced, and directed The Boy and the Pirates featuring then-child star Charles Herbert and Gordon’s own daughter Susan Gordon who was eight when she starred in his Attack of the Puppet People. Susan then went on to act in two other of her father’s films,  Tormented (1960) and Picture Mommy Dead (1966). She appeared in The Twilight Zone episodeThe Fugitive’ as Jenny the little girl with the leg brace who befriends a shape-shifting alien ruler Old Ben (J. Pat O’Malley) who lams it because he doesn’t want to be king anymore.

J.Pat O'Malley and Susan Gordon on The Twilight Zone's 'the fugitive'
J.Pat O’Malley and Susan Gordon in The Twilight Zone (Episode #90): “The Fugitive” (airdate 3/9/62)
featuring a cameo of the creature Beulah by Paul Blaisdell as one of Old Ben’s incarnations.
The Boy and The Pirates featuring Timothy Carey
The Boy and The Pirates (1960) features great character actors Timothy Carey, Charles Herbert, and Bert’s daughter Susan Gordon.

All three Bert, Charles, and daughter Susan had appeared at the 2006 Monster Bash in Pittsburgh, although sadly Susan passed away in 2011 from Thyroid cancer, and Bert continues to appear at the Monster Bash each June, hosting and moderating a special screening of The Amazing Colossal Man on April 27, 2012. How I wish I could have been there for that!

Glenn Manning is the Amazing Colossal Man Bert I Gordon-lobby card

H.G. Wells
the brilliant mind of H.G.Wells, visionary writer of classic fantasy and science fiction

In 1976 he made the adaptation of H.G. Well’s The Food of the Gods with Ida Lupino, Ralph Meeker, and Pamela Franklin, then again in 1977 he released Empire of the Ants based again on another  H.G Wells novel featuring the sassy Joan Collins prior to her success on Dynasty.

Ida Lupino Food of The Gods
Ida Lupino is being terrorized by a horde of giant rats in Bert I. Gordon’s adaptation of H.G.Wells Food of The Gods 1976.
Food of the Gods
Marjoe Gortner isn’t having much fun fighting off giant rats either in Food of The Gods.
Joan Collins having fun in Empire of The Ants
Now… Joan Collins is clearly having fun on the set of Bert I. Gordon’s 1977 adaptation of H.G Wells’s Empire of The Ants. For someone who said it was her least favorite acting job, she sure looks like she’s enjoying herself. Ant she?
Village of The Giants
Village of The Giants 1965 starring Beau Bridges, Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Ron Howard, Joe Turkel, Joy Harmon, and Tisha Sterling!

Village of the GIants film poster

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